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Survey Tools

At the heart of a high performance culture is the close relationship between your employees' efforts and the objectives of your organization. At TELUS, we believe that the input, energy, and ideas of our people are central to our success.

The TELUS Survey Solution is an online tool designed to provide the means to engage employees and gather information to support decision-making. Listening to feedback, understanding perceptions, and identifying opportunities can assist your organization with customer service delivery and organizational issues.

The user-friendly intranet-based application enables administrators to create and distribute custom surveys across your organization which employees complete and submit online.

Survey solution features:

  • Solicit feedback on customer service activities and processes, classroom sessions, workshops or presentation sessions
  • Prepare for large change initiatives through a change readiness assessment survey
  • Supports anonymous responses
  • Modify time frames after survey creation
  • A variety of question and answer formats
  • Automatic reminders
  • Easily view response information at-a-glance using the simple and versatile reports online or export to Excel
  • Archive your old surveys