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Succession Planning

Succession planning identifies specific gaps in your talent pool, protects your organization from the impact of unplanned vacancies, and facilitates opportunities for employee development.

Our Succession Planning Solution provides a self-serve solution supporting your organization's succession strategy. Managers can identify individuals to take their place in the event that they are promoted or leave the organization, temporarily or permanently. Employees can also use it to indicate interest in a position they would like to grow into.

Candidates can be categorized into three areas - emergency, ready now, and ready in 1 to 2 years. To help with planning, candidate biographies can be reviewed and their performance scores can be requested.

Employees have the ability to:

  • Create their personal profiles
  • List career history, education background, major accomplishments, key strengths, career aspirations and development plans for an internal resume
  • Identify an interest in other positions

Leaders have the ability to:

  • Define emergency, ready now, and 1 to 2 year successors in their succession plan
  • Add successors from outside the organization to their plan

Administrators have the ability to:

  • Create a summary of succession plans in the system
  • Pull detailed listings of succession plans in the system
  • Identify candidates who are on multiple plans
  • Identify plans that include a specified employee
  • Create a summary of people who have self identified interest in other positions