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e.Recognition is an enterprise-wide program that allows employees to recognize outstanding performance, extraordinary efforts and exceptional results that support the organization’s values and objectives. e.Recognition provides a tool and process to assist leaders in providing timely and appropriate rewards and recognition to your employees.

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Benefits Recognition is an important component of building a high performance culture. By recognizing individuals who have exceeded the expectations of their job and have achieved positive results, you improve performance, increase motivation, retain top performers and encourage behaviours aligned with your organization’s values.


The e.Recognition module offers the capability for your organization’s employees to send e-cards to each other, and also to accumulate points that can be used to redeem gifts from an online catalogue. These features enable a range of peer-to-peer and organizational recognition strategies.

E-cards promote a culture of spontaneous recognition aligned with your organizational values. Larger organizational awards can be supported through a nomination process, consistent across the enterprise, which reinforces key behaviours. e.Recognition also allows integration with traditional service awards. And the catalogue for online points redemption means recognition efforts can be individually meaningful.

Informal recognition

Day-to-day recognition moments are simple acts that generate big returns. Say thank you! Use thank you notes, voice mails... but ensure that you constantly recognize strategic behaviours and outstanding performance in a variety of different ways.

Performance recognition

Performance recognition should be much more than a "thank you" for a job well done. When implemented strategically, they recognize performance and behaviours that support the company's business goals.

New team member recognition

The best time to begin the formal recognition process is during the first few weeks on the job. "Welcome, we're glad you're here," and perhaps present a small gift (e.g., mug, pen, card, flowers).

Career excellence awards

Career service awards are presented to team members every five years. When done right- within the right recognition strategy and with the right presentations - this is a great opportunity to recognize every employee in the organization.


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