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Performance Management

Our Performance Management solution allows you to focus on building and maintaining a high performance culture. Our user-friendly, integrated delivery solution replaces inefficient paper based processes with an easy to use web based solution.

Take advantage of integrated analytics to help you identify your top performers, track themes in development needs, and evaluate the quality of objectives.

Performance Management features:

Configure an online performance plan using components and completion rules.

  • Create performance objectives with success indicators and indicate completion dates
  • Create development plans, and make course selections using the integrated learning catalogue (requires the Learning Management solution)

Allow both manager and employee to rate performance, weigh objectives and add comments.

  • Indicate short and long term career goals
  • Track progress meetings throughout the performance cycle
  • Update the plan with results and achievements through the performance cycle
  • Copy files from previous years and back up files at any time
  • Create a self assessment against your organization's values

Generate reports in both HTML and Excel formats to:

  • Determine how many employees have completed performance plans
  • Review employees who have not completed a performance plan
  • List the development opportunities in performance plans for your direct reports
  • Review which courses have been requested by your direct reports and extract the most popular courses
  • Summarize how employees scored on their overall objectives, values, and performance

Managers have the ability to:

  • Copy objectives between team member plans
  • Excuse employees from the performance year
  • Compare employee ratings side-by-side
  • Create an expectation letter for employees

Administrators have the ability to:

  • Define strategic imperatives, values, competencies, and behaviours
  • Create content templates available organization-wide
  • Maintain and customize online help documentation and communication
  • Define language and labels used in the application
  • Define key milestone dates for the coming performance cycles