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Your employees are your most valuable assets. You spend a lot of time recruiting and training the best employees, so you want to make sure they are productive and engaged. Wouldn’t it be nice to reward your employees for a job well done, and provide them with valuable training opportunities that align with your business objectives?

Learning Screen Cap

TELUS’ experienced learning specialists will work with you to assess and analyze your organization’s e.learning needs. We will balance course 'glitz' with network bandwidth requirements in order to maximize the business benefits of our solutions, while enhancing the user experience. Our design considerations will ensure that the course material is engaging and focused on your organization’s learning requirements.

At TELUS, we believe that the investment of employee's time in e.learning far exceeds the investment in the e.learning platforms themselves. Therefore, it is very important to accurately track the utilization of this investment and to reflect your employees’ efforts and accomplishment back into your Employee Development Record.


The Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform that helps you manage the distribution of your e.learning content as well as manage and track all your e.learning and in-classroom learning activities within your organization.

Our LMS, or Learning Gateway, offers many features including:
  • View course status, details and scheduling in 'My Learning Opportunities'
  • Launch e.learning courses from 'My Learning Opportunities'
  • View your development record in 'My Developmental Record'
  • Find and request learning opportunities in the 'Learning Catalogue' View, approve, or deny learning requests (manager's access only)
  • View management reports for your direct/indirect reports (manager's access only)

As described in the e.Performance section, LMS supports the 'develop' stage of the Performance Management model.

One place to find them all

A major characteristic about the Learning Management System is that there is one learning catalogue for the entire organization. This catalogue contains all formal learning opportunities and brings them to the fingertips of every employee in the organization. Knowledge can now be shared throughout the company.

One place for registration

From the learning catalogue, employees can register for any formal learning opportunity. These learning opportunities may be offered internally within the company or externally from vendor partners.

Interface agreements have to be forged with external vendors in order to have a more seamless integration into the learning catalogue. The registration process is flexible, thus allowing users to register online courses, offline courses, and even instructor-led courses.

The registration process will automatically enforce pre-requisite and corequisite conditional business rules and may also be set up to enforce an approval process when appropriate. Enrolment for instructor-led (classroom based) courses in the learning management component follows a slightly different process. Students registering for the course are put on a pre-book list. Once the pre-book list reaches the minimum capacity, only then is a class scheduled. This allows organizations to ensure that classes are never wasted due to a lack of enrolment.

One place for reference material

The learning catalogue also serves as a central search engine for online and offline reference materials. Users can then search the catalogue for these reference materials. Reference materials can be uploaded to the system thus making the Learning Management component a central repository for online references.



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