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360 Feedback

At the heart of a high performance culture is the close relationship between your employees' efforts and the objectives of your organization. At TELUS, we believe that the input, energy, and ideas of our people are central to our success.

The focus of 360 Feedback is personal development. When looking at 360 Feedback results, your employees will be able to take an honest look at their strengths as well as areas for potential improvement.

The 360 Feedback survey is designed to provide an employee with feedback from different participant types. Your employees can ask their manager, peers, direct reports, and internal customers for honest feedback about specific skills and behaviours via the 360 Feedback survey application.

360 Feedback features:

  • Create a list of participants for a survey from your internal employee directory, or external to your organization
  • Easily edit email addresses of participants
  • Cancel survey registration
  • Keep track of survey participation by category types
  • Results restricted to the survey owner or their manager
  • Create a different survey version for different employee groups
  • Maintain a hierarchy of values/competencies and behaviours as groupings for questions (aligning the survey to your core values)
  • Modify the status and end dates for any survey in the system in the event insufficient responses are received
  • Incorporate a robust reporting and graphing tool