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The 360° Feedback survey helps an employee identify their strengths and opportunities for success in demonstrating your organizational values.


The focus of 360° Feedback is personal development. When looking at 360 results, your employees will be able to look for their strengths, as well as gaps. It is human nature to look only at the lowest scoring items, but by leveraging your strengths and natural talents, you can further your overall development more quickly.


The 360° Feedback survey is designed to provide an employee with feedback from different participant types. Your employees can ask a manager, peers, direct reports and internal customers for their feedback about specific skills and behaviours by sending them a survey via the 360° Feedback survey application. Our 360° Feedback application offers many features including:

  • Register and invite participants you want to receive feedback from
  • Respond to a survey
  • Select your survey time period
  • View your survey results



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