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Measure Your Success

Client success must be measurable and defined by relevant recruiting metrics. Maximizing the core benefits of our recruitment management technology, we tailor metrics to your individual business needs. Leveraging our best-in-class technology we provide customized metrics such as:

  • Cost for hire
  • Time to fill
  • Vacancy, turnover and new hire rates
  • Referral Source

Measuring the Return on Your Recruiting Investment

Organizations invest substantially in their recruitment efforts. Conservative estimates put the figure at over $10,000.00 CAD per position. We know the importance of demonstrating a return on your investment:

  • Cost/benefit analysis and intelligent estimates on the financial and human benefits accrued from the dollars invested
  • Successful recruitment process KPI’s and metrics including, controlling costs, increasing sales, maintaining efficiencies and developing the organization

Recruitment is typically evaluated on the basis of the speed with which positions are filled, the feedback from participants and the percentages of candidates who end up being employed. Organizations may not even realize that the impact on business performance can be proven, or recruitment processes fine-tuned to deliver the business benefits required.

Ineffective recruitment processes may be allowed to continue without anyone ever knowing if they are really effective, or if opportunities are being missed. TELUS Employer Solutions uses a systematic approach and world class technology to deliver a clear measure of the return on your recruitment investment.

Benchmarking: Stay one Step Ahead of the Competition

Benchmarking allows executives to understand their own recruitment operation, compare it to those of other organizations and determine the practices that drive superior performance. Recruitment benchmarking enables companies to concentrate on setting realistic and achievable targets for improvement in critical business areas, providing greater efficiency and competitive advantage.

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